Courtney's Bar Whiskey Selection

"I am going, I am going ... where streams of Whiskey are flowing"


Whiskey is our passion, it is literally the "Water of Life" (Uisce Beatha)
We Irish claim to have invented and perfected it.
The grains from which it is derived are abundant on our shores
the skill and patience of the master distillers have been passed through generations,
it is the product of of our inventiveness , our imagination and our love.
The great Kerry playwright John B. Keane described it thus:
"No man was ever born into this world with such a passionate love of liquor than myself,
it isn't that I love liquor for the taste of it, I love the "plop" of whiskey into a glass, I love it,
I love to listen to it, I love to see the cream on a pint, I love the first powerful,violent impact of a glass of whiskey
when I throw it back in me and when it hits the mark below.
I chase it then with a pint and thats even more beautiful still"

Teelings Revival

Type: Single Malt – Alcohol: 46% – Age: 15 Years Old
Country: Ireland – Cask: Rum

This beautifully presented release celebrates the opening of Teeling’s distillery in the Irish capital, the first to open in 125 years. Distilled in 1999 it’s been exclusively aged in rum casks for the entire maturation and bottled without chill filtration at 46% abv. 10,000 bottles have been produced to mark this significant milestone.

Bushmills 21 Yr Old

Type: Single Malt – Alcohol: 40% – Age 21 Years Old
Country: Ireland – Cask: Bourbon, Sherry, Madeira

The 21 year is comprised of two aged whiskeys: one is matured only in ex-bourbon casks and the other in Oloroso Sherry casks. They are then removed from those casks to be joined together in casks previously containing Madeira wine. They get nice and cozy for two years before being released into the world. Very small production of 900 cases each year.

Midleton Dair Ghaelach

Type: Single Pot Still – Alcohol: 57.9% – Age : 15 – 22 Years Old
Country : Ireland – Cask Bourbon, Virgin Irish Oak

Midleton Dair Ghaelach, is the first ever Irish whiskey to be finished in virgin Irish Oak Hogsheads. This uniquely Irish expression is the latest addition to the Midleton Single Pot Still family of whiskeys, satisfying the growing appetite among whisk(e)y lovers for discovering new and innovative styles of Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey. This special whiskey is the true and unique flavour of Ireland. Its provenance as individual as its fragrance, its journey from grain to glass as distinguished as its finish.


Type: Single Pot Still – Alcohol: 40% – Age: 30 Years Old
Country: Ireland – Cask: Bourbon

Named Dungourney, after the river that had fed the old distillery. It was initially rumoured to be a single cask but it would appear the cask is bottomless! However, this doesn’t take away from it being an exceptional whiskey and a very rare and cheapish opportunity to try a dram from the Old Midleton distillery. If the marketing department had called it Midleton 1964 instead of Dungourney 1964 you would have to multiply the price by ten, be glad they didn’t!!