Courtney's Bar


The Draught offering features 14 Beers and 2 Ciders , representing the best of local and international fare, all impecabibly maintained and regularly tested for quality! In Bottle we carry everything from Light Lagers to Robust Red Ales, from Inspiring IPAs to Sublime Stouts, from Belgian Beauties to Wonderous Weissbiers!

Full Circle: IPA

Available on Draught – Alcohol: 5% – Country: Ireland

Emigration has forever been at the heart of Irish history. From the mid 1800’s onwards, generations left these shores destined for the land of opportunity. Over a century on, life’s journey has come full circle and their progeny are returning home. This is a story held by our Head Brewer Mike, who with his wife and daughter, has brought back to Kerry this branch of their family tree.
Brewed using all American Hops, this Sessionable IPA is bursting with a juicy hop aroma that leads into a full, fruit forward hop flavour that washes over the palate, and ends with a subtle refreshing bitterness.

Fuller’s London Pride

Available in 330ml Bottles – Alcohol: 4.7% – Country: UK

Fuller’s London Pride is an award-winning classic. A rich, smooth and wonderfully balanced beer, its distinctive malty base is complemented by well developed hop character, from adding Target, Challenger and Northdown varieties to the brew.

Open Gate Citra IPA

Available on Draught – Alcohol: 5% – Country: Ireland

Modelled on the USA West Coast style of IPA, this beer uses all American, citrus hops to give a prominent, orangey citrus flavour underpinned by floral notes and enough body to balance it from the Crystal malt used.
Citra, Centennial, and Cascade in the whirlpool, and dry hopped with more of the same.

Killarney Helles Lager

Available on Draught – Alcohol: 4.2% – Country: Ireland

Local legend tells of a fierce battle between Thor and the Devil. Thor cast down lightning bolt after lightning bolt upon the Devil, who retaliated by tearing up the earth and hurling it back. The resulting basin filled up with water and became known as the Devil’s Punch Bowl.
The Helles style Lager is a pale, golden brew cold-fermented and conditioned for an exceptionally clean, crisp finish. The aroma is honeyed and malty, with a small hint of noble hops.

Killarney Blonde

Available on Draught – Alcohol: 4.8% – Country: Ireland

Brewed locally and now a firm favourite, this is a delicious and easy drinking Ale. Also known as “Golden Spear” after the legendary warrior Fionn Mac Cumhaills favoured weapon, this is undoubtedly Killarney Brew Co.s best selling Beer.

Rebel Red

Available on Draught – Alcohol: 4.3% – Country: Ireland

From the Franciscan Well Brewery in Cork, this is a classic Irish Red Ale, with caramel and biscuity flavours and a full mouthfeel. The hops are underplayed and the Malt shines through.

Schneider Weiss Kristal

Available in 500ml Bottle – Alcohol: 5.2% – Country: Germany

From the world renowned Kelheim wheat beer producer. Originally from Munich, this high quality beer is a filtered version of the classic hefeweissbeir style. A long time favourite of Courtney’s regulars, especially refreshing and sparkling.


Available on Draught – Alcohol: 4.0% – Country: Ireland

Established over 200 years ago, this Irish stout is produced in the heartland of Cork and known as one of the best stouts locally but also internationally. Beamish tastes of full roasted, full bodied, and full flavoured hop aroma.


Available in 330ml Bottles – Alcohol: 4.8% – Country: Belgium

Unfiltered Belgian White, flavored with coriander and orange peel, creating a sweet & sour taste. This is the perfect thirst quenching drink for those all too rare Summer days.

Estrella Daura

Available in 330ml Bottle: Alcohol: 5.4% – Country: Spain (Gluten Free)

A light, smooth, refreshing lager beer with a golden pale appearance. The flavour is completed with cereal and hop aromas. Even though barley malt is used as an ingredient the final product is gluten free due to a unique production process.