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The Draught offering features 14 Beers and 2 Ciders , representing the best of local and international fare, all impecabibly maintained and regularly tested for quality! In Bottle we carry everything from Light Lagers to Robust Red Ales, from Inspiring IPAs to Sublime Stouts, from Belgian Beauties to Wonderous Weissbiers!

Erdinger Alcohol Frei

Available in 500ml Bottle – Alcohol: 0.5% – Country: Germany

Now being promoted as an alternative health drink which is isotonic, rich in vitamins and has reduced calories. It is the ideal drink for beer lovers who drive. It has a distinct amber colour and malty aroma, touches of caramel and citrus together with typical top fermenting character


Available in 330ml Bottle – Alcohol: 5% – Country: Thailand

Brewed in Thailand in the Germanic tradition since 1933, Singha is an exceptional beer in being full flavoured and full of character in contrast to many beers produced outside traditional brewing countries