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The Draught offering features 14 Beers and 2 Ciders , representing the best of local and international fare, all impecabibly maintained and regularly tested for quality! In Bottle we carry everything from Light Lagers to Robust Red Ales, from Inspiring IPAs to Sublime Stouts, from Belgian Beauties to Wonderous Weissbiers!


Available on Draught – Alcohol: 4.0% – Country: Ireland

Murphy’s is an internationally recognized Irish stout, brewed since 1856 in the iconic Lady’s Well Brewery, Cork. Classified as an Irish Dry Stout, Murphy’s is dark in color and medium-bodied. It is silky smooth with toffee & coffee undertones, almost no bitterness, and a irresistible creamy finish.


Available on Draught – Alcohol: 4.2% – Country: Ireland

Guinness Stout is regarded as Ireland’s national drink and has been brewed in Dublin since 1759.
The key ingredients are roasted malted barley, hops, yeast and water. Guinness is black because some malted barley is roasted in a similar way to coffee beans.

Killarney IPA

Available in 500ml Bottles – Alcohol: 5.8% – Country: Ireland

This scarlet coloured IPA was inspired by a true local legend of Killarney, Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty, known as the “Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican.” While stationed at the Vatican during the World War II, and under threat of execution, Hugh saved over 6,500 people by hiding them in monasteries, farms, and other locations. After the war, he was awarded the US Medal of Freedom and Commander of the British Empire. This beer is a fitting testament to his legacy.

Peroni Nastro Azzurro

Available in 660ml Bottle – Alcohol: 5.1% – Country: Italy

Brewed from the finest Spring planted barley malts, Peroni has a unique balanced taste with a delicate aroma. A refreshing beer .

Blue Moon

Available in 330ml Cans – Alcohol: 5,4% – Country: USA

North American craft beer from Colorado, this is an unfiltered wheat beer brewed and spiced (with coriander and orange peel) in the Belgian tradition. They recommend serving it with a slice of orange to compliment the flavours.

O’ Haras Leann Folláin

Available in 500ml. Bottle – Alcohol: 6.0% – Country: Ireland

From the Irish meaning “Wholesome Ale” , this offering from the Carlow Brewing Company who were in the vanguard of the Irish craft beer revival this is certainly a stout of some considerable character. Full bodied and flavoursome it is a beer worth lingering over!

Youngs Double Chocolate Stout

Available in 500ml Bottle – Alcohol: 5.4% – Country: England

Dark chocolate and chocolate malt ale are mixed together with a full flavoured, rich, dark beer to create a drink that is sweet yet alcoholic. It is a unique taste experience and has been awarded a gold medal in 2000 and silver in 2002.

Delerium Tremens

Available in 330ml. Bottle – Alcohol: 8.5% – Country: Belgium

The most famous beer in the Huyghe brewery vast portfolio. This is a beer to be sipped and appreciated slowly. Lightly hopped and surprisingly malty, a warming alcoholic glow works its way down the throat leaving a long sweet aftertaste.

La Trappe Quadruple

Available in 330ml. Bottle – Alcohol: 10% – Country: Holland

Quadrupel is La Trappe’s heaviest ale with a stunning amber colour. Its warm and intense flavour is rich and finely balanced. Malty sweet, slightly burnt, and pleasantly bitter with a sweet aftertaste. Quadrupel continues to ferment after bottling and offers aromas of banana, almond, vanilla and others.

Guinness Foreign Extra

Available in 330ml Bottle – Alcohol: 7.5% – Country: Ireland

It’s Guinness but not as you know it! Foreign Extra Stout from Ireland most famous brewery. An ultimate expression of the ubiquitous stout. Full flavoured, singular and striking.